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man'.-' Mis* gutschein freundin geschenk Mar HiM'loiH Music Malt- Quartett. Ozo, to smell, and keros, wax,.) A mineral like resinous wax« Ozone, opsone, «. Formed like a crescent. Crabhe, Babbule, bdfr'bule, «. En, and hydor, water,.) A mineral enclosing water. Lasios, hairy, and agrottis, a species of grass,.) A genus of plants : Order, Graminacese. QuTLL-KTBd, kwil-nibs, pL Small pens for placing in holders.

) An instru- ment for drawing lines converging towards a point, though the point be inaccessible. A kind of calculus formed in the human bladder, formerly called cystic oxyd. LsthasoiZB, leth'ar-jiie, v, a, (lethargoSf from lethe, forgetfuhness,.) To make lethaigic, dull, or drowsy. Dregs ; lees, as coffee grounds. Slugabed, slug'a-bed, 8, One who indulges in bed.

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Lindley, Lounging, lownj'ing, ppr. LUo* minating ; giving light to ; instructing. The quality of nourishing. GsbnatiTE, gren a-tite, «. To bury the haichety in the language of American Indians, is to lay aside the instruments of war, forget injuries, and make peace. Exabfesated, egz-as'per-a-ted,. A hash of meat with vegetal)! Shaking so as to make a clattering sound ;. An old term for a dragoon. Janei, Nasally, na'sal-le,. A bird of the duck kind ; the name of a genus of hymen- ipterous insects ; also, a genus of codfishes Gktdidse. Adenostemma, ad-e-nos-tem'ma, 8, (aden, and, and stemma, a crown,.) An annual weed : Order, Compositee.